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By Kelly Merritt

(Naples Daily News)

 It's always a good time for empanadas.

In fact, it's hard to find a more perfect food ? you've got your protein, veggies and carbs stuffed into a pastry, neatly presented in an adorable handheld package. What's not to love?

Gustitos Bakery and Peruvian Cafe, which opened a few months ago in the Bed, Bath and Beyond Plaza off Airport-Pulling and Pine Ridge roads in North Naples, is home to a variety of empanadas, but it also serves up a bevy of other delights.

Gonzalo Torres and his family own and operate Gustitos Bakery and Peruvian Cafe. The family has created the menu from 25 years in the bakery business in Peru. And yes, those fine empanadas roll out of the kitchen all day long where they get gobbled up by breakfast and lunch patrons as well as dinner patrons looking for an early evening light bite.


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Abre en Naples nueva panadería peruana.

"Estamos viendo mejoras", dijo esta semana Ben Bernanke, presidente de la Fed, mientras anunciaba que la Reserva Federal continuará con sus agresivas políticas de estímulo hasta que esté convencida de que las ganancias pueden sostenersee.

Escuchar que la tasa de desempleo ha bajado a 7,7%, su menor nivel en cuatro años, es una de las muchas señales de que hay una economía más sana. Estas son buenas noticias, como también escuchar que entre las mejoras económicas a nivel local encontramos nuevos negocios hispanos abriendo en Naples.

¡Gustitos Bakery es uno de ellos! El negocio familiar abrió desde septiembre del año pasado en la plaza de Bed Bath and Beyond, y va ganando popularidad en Naples.

Al estilo de una panadería, con recetas de repostería netamente peruanas como sus dueños, ellos están trayendo la experiencia adquirida desde otro negocio que tuvieron en Coral Spring, en la ciudad de Miami, a esta ciudad.

“Venimos de la otra costa ya realizando catering desde hace muchos años”, dijo Gonzalo.

 By:Kelly Merritt (Naples Daily News)

One of the biggest ingredients in good Peruvian cooking is family. Family members often work together. Brothers and sisters are partners and parents often help children establish and run businesses.

Gonzalo Torres owns and operates Gustitos Bakery Peruvian Cafe with his family, including his father, Oscar, and mother, Rosario. They created the menu from 25 years in the bakery business in Peru.

A major component of traditional Peruvian food is the lucuma ? a subtropical fruit with a dry, sweet skin often used for sweetener ? which Torres uses to create everything from smoothies to tarts including his lucama chocolate tarts.

 By:Tim Aten (Naples Daily News)

■ Gustitos Bakery - Peruvian Café opened this fall in the Bed Bath & Beyond Plaza on the northwest corner of Airport-Pulling and Pine Ridge roads in North Naples. Co-owner Gonzalo Torres and his father and sister are capitalizing on more than 25 years of family history in the bakery business in Peru to bring their unique, local business to Naples.

“There are no Peruvian bakeries here,” Torres said. “Nobody is doing what we are doing, so why not bring something new to Naples?”

The empanadas have been the standout since the bakery café opened Sept. 13 in the former location of Sugar Palm Bakery. The new bakery even already caters its empanadas to a chain of Peruvian restaurants on Florida’s east coast, Torres said.

The baked empanadas — Latin American turnovers — are filled with either sweet fillings such as apple and coconut-pineapple, or a savory stuffing such as cheese, spinach, artichoke, beef and chicken.

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